Amazon Smart Thermostat Vs. Nest Thermostat: Pick the right HVAC upgrade

The name Nest is nearly synonymous with smart thermostats at this point and it’s no wonder: the company has been making some of the best solutions for years, with an iconic design and great integration. In the years since, more companies have tried to get into this market, with one of the biggest being Amazon. The Amazon Smart Thermostat is one of the cheapest smart thermostats you’ll find new or used with good integration with Alexa and a nice design. While it lacks some of the Nest’s features, it more than makes up for it with its low price.

Amazon Smart Thermostat Vs. Nest Thermostat: What features do you need?

Nest Thermostat

(Image credit: Android Central)

If you’ve stuck with a traditional thermostat until now and are thinking about upgrading, it can be hard to know exactly what features you’ll want to use. For many people, being able to control the temperature from anywhere with an internet connection is the primary draw. For others, potential energy savings from using more efficient, optimized settings when you’re away from home automatically will make it worth it.

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