Watch out for these smartphone camera marketing trends and tricks

Ryan-Thomas Shaw / Android Authority Buying a new smartphone can be a tough task, especially if you’re not a tech enthusiast clued up on the latest news and reviews. Mobile manufacturers have occasionally been keen to exploit this knowledge gap with dubious marketing tactics, especially if you’re looking for a great camera experience. Fortunately, we’ve … Read more


The anticipation is growing ahead of our industry’s largest trade event, the Australian Auto Aftermarket Expo, co-located with the Collision Repair Expo To be held across 7 – 9 April 2022, this is the feature packed, must attend event for our $ 25 billion aftermarket industry. Not since 2019 has the entire industry been able … Read more

Flashback: remembering the awesome devices powered by TI OMAP chips

We often talk about how many companies have bowed out of the smartphone race, but the industry is difficult for component makers as well. These days most Androids are powered by either a Qualcomm or a MediaTek chipset. There is also the Exynos line from Samsung LSI, but the company rarely finds a client outside … Read more

Will 20cm SiC Wafer Be The Next Standard?

Silicon carbide (SiC) has a lot of potential to replace silicon in many applications, a significant one being in the automotive industry, especially for battery-operated electric vehicles. To reduce the cost of producing SiC devices, which is quite high, SiC fabs are moving from 15cm (6-inch) to 20cm (8-inch) wafers. The silicon carbide semiconductor (SiC), … Read more Unhinged: Reviving A Fury Sport, Part 2 – Remove “Simple” From The Vocabulary

Ed. note: This is your language warning. I’m going to have fun with this series. Click here if you missed the first chapter in this series! We had the Plymouth dragged to my house. We had folded what was left of the stock exhaust into oragami, pissed off my neighborhood with the sound of a … Read more