Best Google Pixel 6 cases 2022

The regular Google Pixel 6 was the only one to get actual color options and not just metallic shades, and we deserve to flaunt those fun colors and bold accents around that eye-catching camera bar stretching across the back. This is one of the best Android phones with half a decade of updates ahead of it, and if you want your new phone to last that long, you need to grab one of the best Pixel 6 cases you can.

Pick up a Pixel 6 case you can rely on

Pixel 6 cases

(Image credit: Future)

The best Pixel 6 cases focus on the camera

The Pixel 6’s camera bar may look a little bit Cylon – especially with that bright red accent on the Kinda Coral – but that camera bar also makes it easier to help tell durable from thin cases and also helps separate the good from the bad.

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