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Listening to music is an easy-breezy process these days. You don’t even need to lift a finger if you’re using Alexa or Google Assistant, a smart speaker, and a music streaming app for your sound cravings. If you’re a true audiophile though, that itch in your earholes won’t be scratched until you’ve used one of the best MP3 players that support high-resolution audio playback. From affordable, entry-level options to over-the-top enthusiast favorites, this collection rounds up the best of the best.

Step into the world of audio nerds

Rediscovering the sound of music

Unlike picking the right music player apps for Android, looking for a dedicated MP3 player is a complicated process. A lot of thought goes into the search, especially if you have exposed your ears to high-end audio before. Nonetheless, the devices that we have gathered in this roundup have all the best features that you need. There’s a little something for everyone, in every color, and every price bracket.

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