Brightest LED smart bulbs 2022: The best for dark spaces

When times get dark, we need bright light to see our way out – and the brightest LED smart bulbs make it that much better. With the extra control of a smart bulb, you can adjust your space to fit your needs perfectly whether you want as much light as possible or just enough to read. So whether you want a standard A19 E26 bulb or the BR30 for recessed lighting, there’s a bulb for you. The Feit Electric OM100 is our top pick for its incredibly high lumen rating and hubless smart controls, which means it only needs Wi-Fi and your phone to control.

The brightest smart bulbs for your home

Feit Electronics 100W equivalent bulb

(Image credit: Feit Electronics)

Feit Electric OM100 – RGBW

It’s so bright

Reasons to buy


High 1600LM rating


No hub required


Google Assistant and Alexa integration

Reasons to avoid

The app can be finicky

Brightest setting only applies to the white color tone

Limited preset scenes in the app

While Feit Electric may not be a well-known smart bulb, it’s been innovating and creating high-quality lighting solutions since 1978 – and the OM100 RGBW bulb continues that trend. Since this bulb does not require extra hardware such as a hub, this Wi-Fi-enabled smart LED bulb is simple to set up. It has a peak output of 1,600 lumens, making it the brightest LED smart bulb on the list, equal to a traditional 100W incandescent bulb – that’s some serious light. You’ll get a tunable white with a color temperature range from 2700K soft white to 6500K daylight and millions of RGB colors.

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