WhatsApp Chat Monitor By Maniinsu

WhatsApp Chat Monitor Are they interested in their activities, their activities on the Internet, and with whom? Find it now! WhatsApp Chat Monitor is a very powerful yet simple tracking tool that makes it easier than ever to track activity in popular messaging apps and find usage patterns and ideas. #1WhatsAppChatMonitor 3-day free trial Be … Read more

Saltwater Batteries – Everything You Should Know

What are Saltwater Batteries? Saltwater batteries are batteries used to store electricity for future use. These batteries have concentrated saline or saltwater solutions to capture electricity for future use. This stored electricity is later used to power up gadgets that run on electricity. The saline water comes with sodium ions (a common ingredient in the … Read more

Steering the Metaverse via Wearables with Optical Finger Navigation Technology

// php echo do_shortcode (‘[responsivevoice_button voice=”US English Male” buttontext=”Listen to Post”]’)?> The immersion of users residing in the metaverse requires the combination of physical hardware and software contents of AR / VR to produce a feeling of real engagement with the simulated world. Through years of experience-vision study in PixArt, the Optical Finger Navigation (OFN) … Read more

Neuromorphic Computing: It’s Not Sci-Fi Anymore

What is Neuromorphic Computing? What are its applications? And, what’s happening in India on this front? We were fortunate to get connected with Dr Shubham Sahay, Assistant Professor at IIT Kanpur, who specializes in neuromorphic computing and hardware security. Here are some extracts of his interaction with Aaryaa Padhyegurjar from EFY. Dr Shubham Sahay, Assistant … Read more