You don’t need to install an antivirus app on your phone

Many of us have been conditioned into thinking we need to install antivirus or malware protection apps on our phones lest we become a victim of some shady group of people who want our data. That’s bad information, which Check Point’s recent report on alleged protection apps which steal folks’ banking information really drives home. … Read more

Samsung Galaxy A53: info, specifications, pricing, features, and more

Source: Pocketnow Samsung Galaxy A53 5G CONTENTS CLOSE Samsung recently released the successor of its most popular Galaxy smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy A52. The Galaxy A53 5G is Samsung’s mid-range offering for 2022. For those looking for a new Android flagship with a gorgeous display, great camera, excellent software experience, and healthy battery life, the … Read more

Watch out for these smartphone camera marketing trends and tricks

Ryan-Thomas Shaw / Android Authority Buying a new smartphone can be a tough task, especially if you’re not a tech enthusiast clued up on the latest news and reviews. Mobile manufacturers have occasionally been keen to exploit this knowledge gap with dubious marketing tactics, especially if you’re looking for a great camera experience. Fortunately, we’ve … Read more

Flashback: remembering the awesome devices powered by TI OMAP chips

We often talk about how many companies have bowed out of the smartphone race, but the industry is difficult for component makers as well. These days most Androids are powered by either a Qualcomm or a MediaTek chipset. There is also the Exynos line from Samsung LSI, but the company rarely finds a client outside … Read more