Every new Quest 2 game announced at Meta Games Showcase 2022

For the second year in a row, Meta has blown our socks off with an epic series of Quest 2 announcements, making the Meta Games Showcase (formerly the Oculus Games Showcase) a destination event for VR fans. If you didn’t have a chance to watch the event, we’ve collected the trailers and announcements below, along with more info from the developers that didn’t make it into the official event.

To sum up the event in two words, we’d go with “sequels” and “finally.” We saw long-anticipated sequels to several popular titles, the VR port to Among Us we’ve been waiting for, and the Mercenaries DLC for hit port Resident Evil 4 VR we wished had shipped with the main game. Meta is giving gamers more of their favorites, and we couldn’t be happier.

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