How to charge your phone using only solar power

Phones are essential to people for all sorts of reasons, but even if your device has the biggest battery, it’s pretty much worthless if it has no juice. This is why having multiple ways to keep your phone going is helpful, and knowing how to charge your phone using solar power gives you even more freedom. A typical way to power these slabs of technology is by plugging them into a fast USB-C wall charger at your home or office, possibly with an excellent battery pack that was charged the same way. However, even this option fails if the power is out or you’re away from an outlet.

Putting the sun to work

There are alternative ways to get power to your phone cleanly and away from the electrical grid. One of those options is to use the power of the sun, and it couldn’t be easier. There are ways of powering your entire home with solar, but it can be costly, and you may not own your home, which can make installing solar panels on it out of the question.

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