Reader’s choice: Why I’m mostly glad I chose the Pixel 6 Pro for its camera

When you use your smartphone, do you find yourself loving it or hating it? Maybe your job is hazardous and that expensive, fragile flagship is just an accident waiting to happen (and another bill you’re not prepared to pay). Or maybe you find yourself with a long commute to the city and the meager battery life of your phone just isn’t cutting it anymore. Or maybe, just maybe, you actually picked the perfect smartphone this time around and can’t wait to sing its praises.

Whatever situation you’re in, Reader’s Choice explores the decisions you made along the way that brought you to your current smartphone. Whether that’s one of the best Android phones or one of the worst you’ve ever had, we’re talking to readers and finding out exactly why they chose their current smartphone, if they love or hate it, and what could be better or worse .

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