Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 + Vs. S7 +: Should you upgrade?

The Galaxy Tab S8 Plus is our favorite out of Samsung’s new batch of premium Android tablets, beating the baseline Tab S8 and the Tab S8 Ultra behemoth. But compared to the 2020 Galaxy Tab S7 Plus, there’s actually less of a difference between the 7th- and 8th-Gen Tabs than you might expect. So is it worth upgrading your Tab S7 +, or should you buy a used older model for cheap? Or – should you go for broke on the new model? We’re here to weigh how the Galaxy Tab S8 Plus vs. S7 Plus stack up!

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Plus Vs. S7 Plus: Twin designs

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 +

Tab S7 + (Image credit: Hayato Huseman / Android Central)

Just how similar are the Galaxy Tab S7 + and Galaxy Tab S8 +? They literally measure (11.22 “x 7.28” x 0.22 “) and weigh (1.27 lb.) the same!

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