Lack of Google Messages Windows app drives me nuts

Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority Starting out as Android Messages, Google Messages (which is officially now known as Messages, confusingly) has become the de facto app for texting on Android. Even Samsung – one of the biggest stalwarts when it comes to using proprietary apps for things – offers Messages as the default app on … Read more

Some iOS apps are reportedly bypassing Transparency Tracking App: should you be worried?

Source: Pocketnow Video When Apple released iOS 14.5 last year, it made a fundamental change to the iPhone operating system that changed the course of advertising on the platform. The company finally introduced the App Tracking Transparency feature it first showed off at WWC 2022. For those unaware, App Tracking Transparency is a feature that … Read more

You don’t need to install an antivirus app on your phone

Many of us have been conditioned into thinking we need to install antivirus or malware protection apps on our phones lest we become a victim of some shady group of people who want our data. That’s bad information, which Check Point’s recent report on alleged protection apps which steal folks’ banking information really drives home. … Read more