Top 4 apps that Transsion Holdings is using to consolidate its “kingship” in the African smartphone market-

The African smartphone market is quite small relative to the Asian or European smartphone markets. However, this market is still worth billions of dollars. The African continent has 54 sovereign countries and all of these nations have a smartphone market. Thus, it’s a pretty large market but the smartphone markets in Africa have some things … Read more

Two reasons why Google, Meta, and others are killing lightweight apps

Source: Pocketnow Many companies, including Google itself, launched “Go” and “Lite” branded applications of their main services and apps to provide lightweight software for smartphones that didn’t have as much power and high-end components. The Go and Lite branded apps were aimed at low-end devices. They especially targeted developing countries where the internet was still … Read more

Will Apple allow third-party apps to use the NFC chip after EU investigation?

Source: Pocketnow Reportedly, PayPal helped initiate an EU antitrust complaint against Apple. EU regulators announced that they have “informed Apple of its preliminary view that it abused its dominant position in markets for mobile wallets on iOS devices.” Apple is accused of limiting access to the NFC (Near-Field Communication) chip that’s used to make contactless … Read more

The best spy apps for Android

Spy apps don’t always sound like a good thing on your Android phone. However, there are a few good reasons to download one. For example, kids may not always know the safest ways to use their new phones. Of course, you should always be transparent with your kids – or anyone else you’re tracking – … Read more

Some iOS apps are reportedly bypassing Transparency Tracking App: should you be worried?

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These are the 5 apps I always install first on a new MacBook

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Wi-Fi MCUs Bring Greater Security to Cloud-Connected Apps

Members can download this article in PDF format. Wi-Fi has pushed the boundaries of communication speed, range, and integration as capabilities like lower power and new protocol features boost the number of wireless applications. According to the Wi-Fi Alliance, nearly 18 billion Wi-Fi devices will be in use this year, and more than 4.4 billion … Read more