Top 7 smartphone charging protocols – why is the charging protocol so “chaotic”

When it comes to charging protocols, there are a handful of chargers from different manufacturers. In fact, a single manufacturer has different charging protocols. Thus, a charger for phone A may not effectively charge phone B even if they are from the same brand. If somehow, you forget your charger, you may find it very … Read more

Wireless charging vs. wired charging vs. ‘Fast Charging’: How do they compare in efficiency?

When it comes to charging our phones, most of the talk is about speed and convenience. That’s why everyone wants one of the best wireless chargers for their phone. But there’s another part of the equation, and while it doesn’t get much attention, it’s still important: efficiency. Efficiency is important because it determines how much … Read more

Ansys Simulation Software Analyzes Charging and Discharging Phenomena

// php echo do_shortcode (‘[responsivevoice_button voice=”US English Male” buttontext=”Listen to Post”]’)?> Ansys, a company specializing in structural, fluid dynamics, electromagnetic, and multi-physics engineering simulations, has recently launched its EMA3D Charge software in partnership with Electro Magnetic Applications, Inc. (EMA). EMA3D Charge is a simulation software which improves the design and safety of applications ranging from … Read more

We’re sick of proprietary charging on smartwatches and fitness trackers

C. Scott Brown / Android Authority I’m a firm believer in the value of smartwatches and fitness trackers. They’ve helped me get fit, and just last week I was able to use airplane boarding passes without always having to pull out paper copies or my phone. In daily life, being able to check notifications or … Read more

Top 4 common charging habits that we need to stop IMMEDIATELY

There are many common charging habits and you may be practicing one as you read this blog post. However, these habits are not always positive, in fact, many of them are negative. Mobile phones have long been a daily necessity in public life. In addition to young users, the elderly or underage groups are also … Read more

This is how Wireless Charging didn’t change the way we charge our phones, or did it?

Belkin BoostCharge Magnetic Wireless Charger Stand Source: Pocketnow Wireless charging started to get picked up by more manufacturers around 2016, when more companies started including the feature in their high-end devices. By the end of 2017, most flagships came with a Qi wireless charging option that allowed users to slowly charge their devices, removing the … Read more

Charging into the Electrified Future with Plug & Charge

What you’ll learn: How Plug & Charge will revolutionize and streamline the EV charging ecosystem. What traditional automobile manufacturers and charge-point providers must do to support this new standard. What stakeholders in the EV industry should prioritize this year. The electric-vehicle (EV) industry is on the precipice of a total renaissance. After years of existing … Read more