Daily Authority: πŸ’Έ F-150’s home surprise

Available 7.2-kilowatt Pro Power Onboard β„’ features four 120V 20A outlets and one NEMA L14-30R 240V 30A. The all-new F-150 features more exportable power than any light-duty full-size pickup, giving you the ability to use your truck as a mobile generator. It is available with three levels of electrical output depending on engine choice. β˜• … Read more

Daily Authority: πŸ‘‰ Android 13 warms up

Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority β˜• Good morning! Just as I’m finishing this newsletter, a Sony event was announced for a likely new Xperia phone. I wonder how long it’ll take from announcement to shipping, though… Android 13 C. Scott Brown / Android Authority Google has exited the early developer preview portion of Android 13’s … Read more