How to delete your YouTube history on any device

YouTube keeps track of everything that you do on the platform. Whether you use YouTube primarily on your smartphone or your computer, your activity is automatically logged and stored. This information, if you were wondering, is what they heavily lean on for future video recommendations. Let’s go over how to delete your YouTube history — … Read more

Error Overview – Windows Can’t Access Specified Device Path or File

If you are a Windows 10 user, you may have encountered this problem sometimes in your life. Often the device sometimes displays some errors, seemingly from nowhere. Among these, the most common is the error of being unable to access any specific device or file. You are trying to find a specific file (doc, pdf, … Read more

How To Sync Fitbit Device To Your Computer on Windows and Mac?

Fitbit devices are becoming synonymous with fitness in today’s world. Along with Fitbit devices, Fitbit mobile app has become very popular as it offers insights into your everyday activity. You can track your activities, set fitness goals to achieve them, and track overall progress. However, keeping the device connected to your phone will drain the … Read more