Wireless charging vs. wired charging vs. ‘Fast Charging’: How do they compare in efficiency?

When it comes to charging our phones, most of the talk is about speed and convenience. That’s why everyone wants one of the best wireless chargers for their phone. But there’s another part of the equation, and while it doesn’t get much attention, it’s still important: efficiency. Efficiency is important because it determines how much … Read more

Dimensity 9000 vs. Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 Special Review: Performance / Energy Efficiency & more

The arrival of the Dimensity series ushered in a new dawn for MediaTek chips. In less than two years, the company is now making meaningful impacts in the flagship market. Today, it has a lot of advantages and the Dimensity 9000 has been attracting a lot of attention. Today, what we are going to do … Read more