What Is “Explorer Class Not Registered” Error Message?

When the system files become corrupted or go missing, there will be an error message “Explorer class not registered.” To understand it better, you will have to know the significance of DLL (Dynamic-link Library) files. These are also called the shared libraries and are essential for Windows programs’ operation. It is the DLL files that … Read more

Twitch Error 2000 – How To Fix?

For anyone who is into video games, Twitch is like a dreamland. With so many gamers streaming their gaming sessions live, Twitch allows game lovers to interact and learn as a community. Most people view Twitch streaming from the official website, accessing it through Google Chrome. If you are among them, you may have already … Read more

Error Overview – Windows Can’t Access Specified Device Path or File

If you are a Windows 10 user, you may have encountered this problem sometimes in your life. Often the device sometimes displays some errors, seemingly from nowhere. Among these, the most common is the error of being unable to access any specific device or file. You are trying to find a specific file (doc, pdf, … Read more