Reciprocating Saw vs. Jigsaw – Find the Difference?

What Is A Reciprocating Saw? Ideal for demolition purposes, remodeling jobs, and renovation, a reciprocating saw lets you use it for different purposes. It comes in the form of a heavy-duty tool that has a large reciprocating blade. A reciprocating saw features a trigger mechanism and is available in a handheld design. You will easily … Read more

From Samsung to Google, you won’t find these features on your traditional camera

Eric Zeman / Android Authority Smartphone cameras have evolved far beyond their early basic point and snap photo modes. Panoramas, portraits, time-lapses, AI modes, pro controls, and more all feature on today’s devices. Even a budget phone now doubles up as a flexible camera platform. In fact, there’s an argument that modern smartphones can be … Read more

How to find and support eco-friendly places on Google Maps

Google puts a big emphasis on sustainability, recently pledging to become “Carbon Free” by 2030 and announcing “several new ways people can use Google’s products to make sustainable choices.” Along with ways to lower carbon footprints and use Google products more sustainably, it also added new ways in Google Maps to find out whether a … Read more