iPhone 14 reportedly delayed by a few months – what could be the ramifications?

Source: 9to5Mac Like the previous years, Apple will launch a new iPhone series, probably called the iPhone 14 series, in the fall of 2022. While we’re still months away from the official announcement, a lot of information about Apple’s 2022 flagship smartphone series has already leaked. Rumors suggest that both the iPhone 14 Pro models … Read more

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra vs iPhone 13 Pro Max: is it FAIR? (video)

Source: Pocketnow So for the longest time it’s been Samsung versus Apple, Galaxy versus iPhone, up to the point where even names became a competition. First they were both regulars and then they went Plus, and then one switched to Pro, so the other couldn’t go out like that, it had to switch to Ultra, … Read more

What we want to see from Apple’s 2022 iPhone

Luke Pollack / Android Authority The Apple iPhone 13 family is a competitive collection of smartphones that rivals the best from Android. This powerful range covers a plethora of sizes, price points, and capabilities while sharing core experiences. It offers high-quality hardware, peerless performance, and a massive ecosystem of apps and accessories that make it … Read more

Top 4 reasons why iPhone SE 3 sale forecasts were completely wrong

How good were the “words of mouth” before the release of the iPhone SE 3? How bad were the sales after it was released? The “cheapest 5G iPhone” was estimated to sell 25 million to 30 million units at one point. However, less than a month after its release, supply chain reports show that iPhone … Read more