Introduction To Raspberry Pi Pico By Making Noise Generator

Raspberry Pi’s first board based on a single microcontroller chip, the Raspberry Pi Pico (Fig. 1), is designed for physical computing — similar in concept to an Arduino — ratherthan perform the role of a general-purpose computer (like the others in the range). The Raspberry Pi Pico has 264kB RAM and 2MB flash memory, and … Read more

Making Metal 3D Printers More Accessible

Agustin Cruz Metal 3D printing has started to gain a lot of traction because unlike most other types of metal manufacturing processes which are based on subtractive manufacturing which requires wasting energy and material in the process, metal 3D printing is an additive manufacturing process that can easily print complex metal parts. But the metal … Read more

The Making Of A Sturdy And Secure Autonomous e-Two-Wheeler

For a country like India, where more than half of the population is dependent ontwo-wheelers, enhancing these vehicles will be nothing short of achieving the dreamof implementing autonomy on a wider scale. Two-wheelers have been an integral part of the Indian lifestyle for many years. While the public can smoothly go about its business, tourists … Read more