ATtiny85 Pinout

While Arduino (especially the Arduino UNO) is the preferred choice of development board for many makers and hobbyists, the Digispark ATtiny85 is a tiny and cheaper alternative to that. It has a USB connectivity on the PCB and is perfectly compatible with Arduino IDE. The heart of this tiny board is the ATtiny85 Microcontroller. In … Read more

ATmega328P Pinout | IC Packages, Pinouts and Pin Description

Arduino has been the go-to platform for many makers, hobbyists, students to use in their electronics projects. Even though there are several Arduino boards, the Arduino UNO is the most popular one. The heart of this Arduino UNO board is the ATmega328P Microcontroller. So, in this guide, let us take a quick look at this … Read more

2N3906 Transistor | PNP Transistor, Specifications, Pinout, Applications

There are many transistors in the market but some standout from the rest. One such transistor is the 2N3906 PNP Transistor. In this guide, we will take a closer look at this transistor and list out some of its important specifications. We will also see the pinout and packaging of 2N3906 Transistor and a couple … Read more