Two reasons why Google, Meta, and others are killing lightweight apps

Source: Pocketnow Many companies, including Google itself, launched “Go” and “Lite” branded applications of their main services and apps to provide lightweight software for smartphones that didn’t have as much power and high-end components. The Go and Lite branded apps were aimed at low-end devices. They especially targeted developing countries where the internet was still … Read more

Apple Watch SE 2 leak reveals reasons to be excited about

Apple Watch, ever since the first model was introduced, has really been the gold standard of smartwatches. The seamless integration it provides with the Apple ecosystem, best-in-class health-tracking features, and the OLED display have been some of the standout factors. However, its price has always been on the higher side (unless you go and grab … Read more

Top 4 reasons why iPhone SE 3 sale forecasts were completely wrong

How good were the “words of mouth” before the release of the iPhone SE 3? How bad were the sales after it was released? The “cheapest 5G iPhone” was estimated to sell 25 million to 30 million units at one point. However, less than a month after its release, supply chain reports show that iPhone … Read more

OnePlus 10 Pro available today, reasons to buy and reasons to pass

Source: Pocketnow OnePlus launched the OnePlus 10 Pro last month. The smartphone was available for pre-order for two weeks, and starting today, the OnePlus 10 Pro finally goes on open sale in key global markets, including the US, Europe, and India. OnePlus 10 Pro, like the older OnePlus smartphones, offers a lot for its price. … Read more

Top 3 reasons why smartphone theme beautification is losing relevance

As smartphone manufacturers pay more attention to UI design, the value of theme beautification gradually decreases. As one of the hottest topics, “theme beautification” once gave Android a sense of superiority that the iOS party did not have. For a long time, Android smartphones can freely change the lock screen interface, status bar, mobile phone … Read more