Top 4 apps that Transsion Holdings is using to consolidate its “kingship” in the African smartphone market-

The African smartphone market is quite small relative to the Asian or European smartphone markets. However, this market is still worth billions of dollars. The African continent has 54 sovereign countries and all of these nations have a smartphone market. Thus, it’s a pretty large market but the smartphone markets in Africa have some things … Read more

Top 7 smartphone charging protocols – why is the charging protocol so “chaotic”

When it comes to charging protocols, there are a handful of chargers from different manufacturers. In fact, a single manufacturer has different charging protocols. Thus, a charger for phone A may not effectively charge phone B even if they are from the same brand. If somehow, you forget your charger, you may find it very … Read more

How to know when your smartphone has a “hardware Trojan” malware

The development of technology has brought more electronic devices into our lives. For example, a smartphone, a product that weighs less than half a catty, carries most of the applications in life. A single smartphone comes with payment platforms, photography, social media applications, entertainment, and basically all personal information will be stored in this small … Read more

How to wipe your smartphone screen

It can be really frustrating to find several fingerprints on the display of your smartphone. Unfortunately, most smartphones today do not support fingerprint resistance. Thus, there is a continuous need to always wipe our smartphone screens to make them look cleaner. While many people are comfortable with a simple wipe using any clean cloth, some … Read more

Top 5 Chinese manufacturers in the foldable smartphone market

Two days ago, Vivo released its first flagship foldable smartphone, Vivo X Fold. This smartphone comes with an 8,999 yuan ($ 1,414) price tag. Vivo’s move also means that it is the most recent Chinese smartphone brand to enter the foldable smartphone market. Presently, there are many Chinese brands with foldable smartphones. However, the top … Read more

The future of smartphone repairs is self service: Google follows the Apple and Samsung model

Source: Google Google recently announced that it would soon join the growing number of companies offering more consumer-friendly ways to service and repair smartphones and other devices. Google will join iFixit to offer replacement parts and tools, such as screwdriver bits and spudgers, for devices going back as far as the Google Pixel 2 series. … Read more

Top 3 reasons why smartphone theme beautification is losing relevance

As smartphone manufacturers pay more attention to UI design, the value of theme beautification gradually decreases. As one of the hottest topics, “theme beautification” once gave Android a sense of superiority that the iOS party did not have. For a long time, Android smartphones can freely change the lock screen interface, status bar, mobile phone … Read more