Tips for Measuring Ultra-Low Bias Current with Commercial Lab Equipment

Members can download this article in PDF format. What you’ll learn: How to effectively measure ultra-low bias current by recreating the measurement scheme from an app note. Measuring input capacitance and input current. Creating a better measurement environment. In applications that require low leakage current, it’s important to select a low-input-bias-current (IB) operational amplifier. The … Read more

How to get verified on TikTok: Tips and Tricks

Unlike other social media apps such as Twitter or Instagram, where users can apply for verification, there isn’t any direct method to get verified on TikTok. Instead, TikTok has a secret system to bestow verification badges on popular profiles. However, there are some things you can do to increase your chances of getting verified. Here’s … Read more

10 Useful Tricks And Tips For Amazon Fire TV Products

Amazon’s Fire TV products are very popular. They are simple enough to provide plug-and-play functionality. Also, they all run the same Android-based Fire OS, which brings a familiar interface. However, this is not a “simpleton”. There are many smart and useful add-ons. So if you own a Fire TV product or you are going to … Read more