Top 3 dilemmas that Yandex is facing due to Russia

Since the start of the crisis between Russia and Ukraine, there have been a lot of sanctions on the former. The European Union and other countries with economic powers globally have been sanctioning Russia. In fact, some of these sanctions are to the detriment of the sanctioning nations. However, these countries no longer want to … Read more

Top 3 reasons why smartphone theme beautification is losing relevance

As smartphone manufacturers pay more attention to UI design, the value of theme beautification gradually decreases. As one of the hottest topics, “theme beautification” once gave Android a sense of superiority that the iOS party did not have. For a long time, Android smartphones can freely change the lock screen interface, status bar, mobile phone … Read more

Top 10 smartphones with the highest radiation levels-

While we know that smartphones emit some form of radiation, it is not common to have a rating for radiation levels. A new rating of smartphones in the industry reveals the devices with the highest radiation. According to Banklesstime which did the survey, Google Pixel smartphones emit the most radiation. Sony Xperia smartphones also release … Read more

Top three Arduino Cloud Games projects revealed

The Arduino Cloud Games was first hinted at just after Christmas 2021. That’s how long these amazing members of the Arduino community have been toiling on some genuinely incredible projects. The top three were just announced live on the community day during Arduino Week 2022, so we thought we’d give you a closer look at … Read more