supports 500+ users per channel

The curtain of the Wi-Fi 7 era is gradually opening. Today, Qualcomm officially released the world’s most scalable commercial Wi-Fi 7 professional network solution. The Qualcomm Wi-Fi 7 platform is also the company’s third-generation Networking Pro series of professional networking platforms. In August 2018, Qualcomm released the first-generation Networking Pro professional networking platform. This includes … Read more

Netflix is ​​struggling to hold on to its users: Here’s why

Source: Pocketnow Netflix just published its first-quarter revenue report, outlining the number of lost subscribers and profits for the quarter. The report shows that Netflix lost 200,000 subscribers globally compared to Q4, 2021, and it’s forecasting even more losses in the future. The streaming giant is expecting to lose up to 2 million subscribers in … Read more