Ultra Mobile Vs. Wireless Cricket: Which is right for you?

Ultra Mobile and Cricket Wireless are both MVNOs that use the T-Mobile and AT&T networks, respectively. Ultra Mobile offers several data plans with features such as 5G, free international calling, and mobile hotspot usage included with every plan, and by signing up for multiple months in advance, you’re able to get an even better deal. While Wireless Cricket does not offer the same perks with every plan or any multi-month discounts, it does have impressive multi-line advantages that make it an excellent choice for a family.

Ultra Mobile Vs. Wireless Cricket: What kind of plan do you need?

Both of these prepaid carriers offer a wide range of plans but they all have one thing in common, unlimited talk and text. The major difference for most people will be the amount of high-speed data you get each month and here Ultra Mobile has an advantage. Ultra Mobile’s data plans start at just 250MB and range all the way up to 60GB on the largest plan. Ultra Mobile also lets you buy up to 12 months at a time for some extra savings on your plan.

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