WhatsApp Chat Monitor By Maniinsu

WhatsApp Chat Monitor

Are they interested in their activities, their activities on the Internet,

and with whom? Find it now!

WhatsApp Chat Monitor is a very powerful yet simple tracking tool that makes

it easier than ever to track activity in popular messaging

apps and find usage patterns and ideas.


3-day free trial
Be sure to preview all the features of the program for free and show it again at the end.

The display status is displayed when printing is complete.

You can track number activity even if the last displayed status was inactive.

Real-time online/offline notifications
Whenever the selected contact is online/offline,

you will be instantly notified in real time.

Track an unlimited number of accounts.

To start tracking, just select your account from your contact list.

Track multiple accounts at once.

new whatsapp hidden features

Make sure the contacts are communicating at the same time.

smooth monitoring
Track 100% of your online activity with no delays or downtime.

return to the past
You can analyze an unlimited amount of data.

Do you want to track the time you spend chatting?


Or do you want compassionate parents to time

their kids on their devices and keep them safe online?

If so, you need a versatile last tracker for peace of mind.

Please read the terms and conditions carefully as

WhatsApp Chat Monitor is used for parental control or business management.

How much time do you spend on social media?


Ready-to-use application with instant time and WhatsApp Chat Monitor reporting.

All details specified by Curiosity will be reported and the information deleted.

Report runtime and quick actions.

Online analysis of online and offline trackers and WhatsApp terms.


When was the last time you met? Score for verification.

WhatsApp Tracker for WhatsApp for online and notifications.


Use this program online. Report usage of WhatsApp stickers

Since you can’t see it, the contact doesn’t know you’re reading the message.

Want to read but don’t want to answer?

Time to throw it away and move on.

Now you can read messages freely without telling your friends,

leaving visible messages or blue ticks. Works with the most popular chat apps like Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, Line and VK.

The last hider works just fine. It also appears in hidden

messages when you receive a message from any of the supported chat programs.

There you can read anytime, even if you don’t know what your friends are watching.

You don’t have to worry about disconnecting from the internet

or changing your offline profile. Unseen offers a simple and

elegant design for easy mail sorting and access.

read your stupid message
– Hide notifications and blue checkmarks for all your favorite chat apps.

– Read secretly hidden chat messages without your friends knowing
– Listen to audio files and view photos and videos.

Simple and effective
– Edit all your favorite chat messages in one place.

Enable or disable hiding only in selected chat applications.
– Instant messaging and multitasking chat

WhatsApp Chat Monitor

whatsapp chat monitor

and happens at the end.
We want you to enjoy the invisible as we do.

I know who is using this program for commercial purposes.

I’m glad my program can help you be more productive,

New Whatsapp Tricks

but if you use this program for commercial purposes,

please consider supporting it. We hope this small personal project

will continue to be free, ad-free, and will continue to be purchased,

updated, and updated on an acceptable collaborative basis.


You can buy donated versions to help you grow.

You know that WhatsApp allows you to first open the link

in your browser (the number you needed before)


and then open a chat with any number without saving it to your contacts. Yeah?

The first link was long and hard to remember, so I wrote this little program.


Since then, many functions (such as entering messages,

exchanging links, listing country codes, creating shortcuts,

new security PINs and PINs, making recent calls via plugins, etc.)

have followed three rules: New.

1) Allow applet. That means no extra garbage, extra libraries, garbage.

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